LHMC nurse staff went on Hunger strike after the nurse’s termination

LHMC nurse staff went on Hunger strike after the nurse’s termination

LHMC nurses went on a Hunger Strike against the termination of 36 employees. On Monday, the nurse staff went on a hunger strike at the Lady Hardinge Medical College. After the 28 days of indefinite strike by 266 contractual nurses, the nursing staff went on hunger strike. As per the reports, on 20th November, the central government institute had handed over the termination letters to 36 of its contractual nursing staff without setting any warning. In the wake of this decision, the nursing staff came out with anger by holding hunger strike at Lady Hardinge Medical College.

According to sources, the contractual nursing officer Sandeep Yadav said this action against the termination of nursing staff was really unexpectable. He said we will continue this hunger strike until our death if they would not reinstate the terminated employees. The nursing staff outside the Lady Hardinge Medical College said that after a continuous protest and the submission of letters to the minister, the salary of the staff members has received but their jobs are still at risk. However, the indefinite strike has reduced the total strength of the nursing staff. There are only 270 permanent nurses left at the hospital for taking care of the patients.

Furthermore, the nurse staff outside the Lady Hardinge College are continuously demanding the cancellation of the termination of 36 nurses. In the rally, the nurse staff are shouting and demanding to reinstate 36 staff nurses. Also, the members of the nurse staff presenting at the rally said there various vacant posts for the nurses at the hospitals like Ram Manohar Lohia. They also told that the agreement letter has clearly stated that the hospital cannot terminate nurse staff members without providing the notice period before a month. This nurse staff member strike out the LHMC is creating difficulties for the patients as well as the members of the LHMC. And it will not be ended until the officials would reinstate the nurse members.

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