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I left my 9 years old Private job for UPSC, says 2nd Rank-holder Anu Kumari

I left my 9 years old Private job for UPSC, says 2nd Rank-holder Anu Kumari

The final result of UPSC Civil Services Examination 2017 has been announced on Friday 27 April 2018. The result can be seen from Anu Kumari from Sonipat in Haryana has secured second place in the UPSC Civil Service Examination 2017 (upsc final result 2017). Anu Kumari is a student of Physics Honors of the Hindu College of Delhi University. Anu has also done MBA from IMT Nagpur and had been working in private company since last 9 years. After this She decided to make his dream come true. The 31-year-old is married and She has a 4 years old son. Anu told that her job was good but She was not getting any satisfaction from inside. Everything was mechanical. She wanted to do something for the society, so She decided to quit the job.

Anu did not take any coaching and after studying from myself She achieved this position. She tells that she never left the pursuit of her goal. The success of Anu’s chants is that always remembering your goal, success will definitely be achieved. Kumari said that she used to study for 10-12 hours a day. About her future plans, Kumari said that ‘my first preference will be IAS as I want to stay in my country & serve the people here.’

First Attempt

Two years ago Anu left her job and started preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. But for the first time in the pre-examination, she were failed to qualify by only 1 marks. Anu says that technically this was my first attemt, because for the first time I did not make any preparation. Anu says that she wanted to do the Civil Service because she wanted to do something for women and children.

Anu’s Success Mantra

Anu’s success mantra is– A goal must be in life, something that can do anything for himself or even himself for society. Any goal is difficult until it is trying to achieve honesty. Try to keep the goal constant, consider failure as a step to success. Always have faith in yourself.


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