Lalbaugcha Raja LIVE Darshan Day 7 2017 : Watch Aarti and Mukh Darshan

Lalbaugcha Raja LIVE Darshan Day 7 2017 : Watch Aarti and Mukh Darshan

Lalbaugcha Raja Darshan began on 25th August 2017 marking the start of Ganesha Chaturthi , without thousands of followers worshipping LIVE. Ganpati Bappa Birthday is celebrated with fun and frolic every year in Maharashtra and other parts of India. Lalbaugcha Raja is the most Sarvajanik Ganpati kept at LalBaug. Idol will be kept for 11 days , allowing devotees to worship Lord Ganesha then idol will be taken for Visarjan ( Idol Immersion in water).

This is the 83rd year for LalBaug Cha Raja Ganpati celebration. Whole event is co-ordinated and arranged by committee called Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal , which was founded in 1934. Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesh idol every year is organized by the kambli family and it has been more then 8 decades.

Pandal has two separate lines for worshipping the Lord Ganesh Idol , Navsachi Line and Mukh Darshanachi Line . People standing in Navsachi line can touch Lord Ganesh feet , but it might take waiting time of several hours which can go even upto 40 hours due to the large crowd. Mukh Darshanachi is for the worshippers who wants to do a quick darshan , which takes approximatelyless then an hour. Worshippers standing in MukhDarshanachi queue can see the face of Lord Ganesha closely and recite prayers for few minutes.

Lalbaugcha Raja Live Darshan 2017

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