Kolkata Majerhat Bridge Collapsed; Five people have reportedly dead

Kolkata Majerhat Bridge Collapsed; Five people have reportedly dead
Written by Abhishek Lohia

A big accident in Kolkata, a part of the bridge fell, many people are stuck. It is being told that all the accidents in Kolkata’s Majerahat are stranded and relief and rescue operations are continuing. Many trains are being feared to be buried in the wreckage. Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajiv Kumar is on the spot. The Mayor of Kolkata is also present at the spot and is monitoring the relief work. Rescue teams and ambulances arrive at the spot where part of Majerhat bridge in South Kolkata has collapsed. The information of the deceased has not been revealed yet, the filth of the incident is being told too much.

Many people are also suspected of being killed. Many cars under the damaged bridge are also dabbed. Local people and agencies are involved in protecting the depressed people.

Kolkata Majerhat Bridge Collapse Live Updates

5:50 PM IST- Five people have reportedly been killed in the incident.

5:40 PM IST- CP has also come on the spot. The local police has also reached the spot. Many bikes are trapped down. There is no information of how many people are dead, but the number of injured can be higher. ‘ One Person told to our Newsfolo Correspondent.

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