Kolkata Jeevan Sudha Building 16th floor destroyed because of the massive fire yesterday. As per the reports, there are no loss or the injuries have been reported. The fire was broke out on the 16th floor of the central Kolkata commercial building on Thursday near the global market office of the State Bank of India. To stop this massive fire from the server room of the SBI’s global department at the Jeevan Sudha building around thirteen fire tenders were pressed into service. According to the reports, only furniture and the computers destroyed in the fire.

The file of this massive fire was stored in the disaster recovery cells of Mumbai as the general manager of SBI, Ventakesh Bharadwaj, said. The Jeevan Sudha building comprised of the global market offices that deal with the foreign exchange transactions. As per the reports, the chief manager came to the office in the morning who spotted the fire in the server room.

Later on, the fire was spread to the 17th and 18th floor of the Jeevan Sudha building that located in the heart of the Kolkata financial complex. However, the reason behind this massive fire is not known yet. It is reported that fire is so massive that it will destroy the nearby building too if it would not be controlled at the time.

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