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Know about some Safety steps to reduce the risk of air pollution

Know about some Safety steps to reduce the risk of air pollution

Despite banning crackers on this Diwali does not make any difference for the national capital pollution index. The pollution Index still remains at the alarming level. Although it was cleanest Diwali this year in Delhi from last three years following a ban on the sale of crackers by the supreme court in Delhi and Delhi NCR. individual must have to follow some steps rather than demanding from the government to prosecute the enemies of the environment to stay away from harms of pollution. This air pollution can cause the various health risk for us and our family so to combat air pollution people should follow some steps to remain healthy.

Use Pollution Mask 

Before stepping down to market and office, pollution Masks are recommended as most effective against air pollution. N95 and N99 are easily available in medical stores.

Eat Healthy and stay healthy

Changing weather conditions can affect our health and increased air pollution makes us susceptible to catching cold and viral. therefore it is important us to keep hydrated and eat healthy food.

Avoid evening walk

If you love evening walk then take rest and avoid walking in the pollution-driven air. you can do yoga at home or do a morning walk rather than evening walk because morning air is fresh then evening.

Stay close to greenery

Do yoga or meditation, in places surrounded by trees and plants, which are excellent sources of oxygen. Trees help to purify the air as it takes carbon dioxide from the air and gives oxygen.

Install Air purifier

As the air pollution in the red zone, to save yourself and your family from unnecessarily medical bills get air purifier from the market or from online stores.

Avoid traveling in open transport

Avoid two-wheelers and use public transport and/or cars to travel, which can avoid contacting with polluted air.

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