Know all about the National Register of Citizen in Assam

Know all about the National Register of Citizen in Assam
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The issue of intrusion in Assam is decades old. There has been a conflict between local people and intruders in this issue in Assam. In the mid-1980s, an attempt was made to resolve this issue. But he could not reach the conclusion. In Assam, the BJP government had promised to evacuate the intruders before coming to power. The National Register of Citizen has released the final draft in Assam. According to this draft, two crores 89 lakh people have been found to be valid. In this regard, the coordinator of the NRC said that this is not the last list so there is no need to fear anyone. Those people who have an objection to the names mentioned in the draft or it seems that someone’s name is missed, then they can register their objection.

The State Government has launched the National Register of Citizens (NRC) campaign to remove those who are illegally living in Assam. This campaign is included in the largest campaigns in the world. There is a provision to identify in this campaign, to remove their names from the voters’ list and then to send them. About 50 lakh Bangladeshi people are living illegally in Assam This campaign has been running for about 37 years to send back the infiltrators in Assam. After fleeing from Bangladesh in 1971 during the freedom struggle of Bangladesh, people came to India and settled there. Due to this, violent acts of locals and intruders were several times.

In Assam, in 1979, the All Assam Students Union (AASU) and Assam Gana Parishad started the movement to evacuate the intruders. This movement became violent and lasted for nearly 6 years, in which thousands of people were prematurely buried in the cheek In order to prevent such conflicts in Assam, there was an agreement between the central government and the agitators in 1985. At that time, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the leaders of Students Union and Assam Guan Council were met. In that meeting, it was decided that people coming from 1951-71 will be given citizenship whereas the people who came after 1971 will be sent back. But the agreement could not reach the end.

In 2005 the state and central government had entered into an agreement to update the NRC list. But due to this slow progress, the matter reached the Supreme Court. Prior to the assembly elections in Assam, BJP had raised the issue of infiltration prominently. After the expansion of the Assam government, politics become started. Opposition parties accused the government of exploiting the minority community.

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