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Kerala High Court says not every inter-religious marriages are Love Jihad or Ghar Wapsi

Kerala High Court says not every inter-religious marriages are Love Jihad or Ghar Wapsi
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Kerala High Court this week came up with some distort over Love Jihad. The Kerala High Court said that every inter-religious marriage is not the case of Love Jihad. A division bench of the Kerala High Court speaks over the campaign by the various religious groups against what they describe as Love Jihad. However, the bench of V Chitambaresh and Satish Ninan was set up for the hearing of a habeas corpus petition that filed by 25-year-old Anees Hameed from Kannur who have moved to the high court for the release of his wife Sruthi Meledath from her family’s custody.

In the case of Anees Hameed, the court ruled Sruthi is allowed to live with Hameed and they also dismissed the petitions of the Shruthi’s parents. The court stated that recently they have noticed that the state has opted trend to sensationalise every case of the inter-religious marriage as love jihad or Ghar Wapsi. And the young men and women who undergo inter-caste marriages are threatened with violence in the several parts of the country.

However, this just became a trend of the country to mark every inter-religious marriages as Love Jihad. Although in the court’s opinion the violence, threats, harassment and such acts are illegal in our country and those who commit these acts must be punished always. And finally, the court has allowed Shruthi to stay with Hameed. The court has also urged not to communalise the inter-religious marriages as the Love Jihad and Ghar Wapsi cases.

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