Kavinder Gupta takes oath as the new deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir

Kavinder Gupta takes oath as the new deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir
Written by Abhishek Rana

BJP leader, Kavinder Gupta took oath as the new deputy chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir today, replacing Nirmal Singh, who had resigned on Sunday. Kavinder took oath in the presence of Governor N N Vohra. Rajiv Jasrotia and Shakti Parihar were elevated to the position of cabinet rank. Before he took the oath, Kavinder said that he’s going to do his duty with utmost dedication, and will try to bring a better change in the party, as its his responsibility. The ceremony took place at the convention centre, since the Raj Bhavan has closed off offices in Jammu and set up in Srinagar.

There had been rumors that the reshuffle had been a result of the controversial Kathua rape case, but Ram Madhav, BJP party’s general secretary has said this is false news, because the government has completed its three years, there was an urge to employ new faces. Five members from the part were sworn in during the ceremony today.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh also echoed Madhav’s comments, stating that the reshuffle is a normal thing and is basically conducted to prepare for the future while analyzing what has happened in the past. It seems that all the reports were indeed false and the party is just going through a transition because of the completion of the three years of its tenure.

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