Kaveri Pushkaralu 2017 date and ghats in tamil nadu and karnataka

Kaveri Pushkaralu 2017 date and ghats in tamil nadu and karnataka

Cauvery Pushkar / Pushkaram or Kaveri Pushkaralu is one of the biggest festivals of river Kaveri that celebrate in Tamil Nadu. This festival observed for 12 days period as it starts from 12th September and ends on 23rd September. The river Kaveri is known as Cauvery in English which is one of the largest rivers in India. It rises from Brahmagiri Hills of the Western Ghats in southwestern Karnataka state and flows to the southeastern direction around 475 miles through the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states. Haveri Pushkaram festival begins from today, the Maha Pushkaram period includes the celestial transit of planet Jupiter from zodiac sign Virgo to Libra.

Kaveri Pushkaram is one of the auspicious Indian festivals that celebrated at the shrines along with the banks of 12 major rivers of India. And devotees worship with devotional music, cultural programs, Pooja at ghats, and spiritual discourses. Kaveri river breaks into a large number of distributaries that forms a wide delta known as the garden of southern India. It is popularly known as Dakshina Ganga. Kaveri river worshipped for its scenery and sanctity in Tamil literature. The Kaveri Maha Pushkaram festival celebrates for 12 days on the banks of Kaveri river. The millions of pilgrims participate in the celebration of this festival and they perform spiritual sermons along with art show on the ghats.

Kaveri Pushkaram, Kaveri Pushkaralu or Maha Pushkaram is the prominent festival for the devotees of South India region. This is a festival to offer prayers to the river Kaveri for the rain, crops and well being. This festival celebrates at the number of Ghats in Tamil Nadu.

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