Kashmir receives first snowfall, flights cancelled and then resumed from Srinagar

Kashmir receives first snowfall, flights cancelled and then resumed from Srinagar

Kashmir received its first snowfall yesterday, and the heavy downpour was responsible for cancelled of 24 flights from Srinagar. The snow covered the roads and the front yards of the houses, and it had also blocked the roads and Jammu-Srinagar National Highway for three days, until it was opened today to let the vehicles and people move onward. There had been continued rainfall before the snowfall, and it had also brought the temperature of the state to a new low. People were seen covering their bodies with heavy clothes and raincoats as they went about their day, and shovels were also utilized to throw the large chunk of snow out of the ways so that the vehicles could transverse the roadways.

The weather conditions will remain the same for at least 24 hours, so people are cautioned to keep away from areas where there might be heavy snowfall, and roadways that are more vulnerable to being blocked. People have resorted to starting fires outside their houses to feel a little warmth as the snow continues to fall, there has also been shortage of electricity at some places around the state. The flights were cancelled because of poor visibility on air, but the officials said, “The flight operations at the Srinagar International Airport resumed in the afternoon as the visibility improved. We were able to operate 10 inbound and as many outbound flights.”

People are also celebrating the first snowfall around Jammu and Kashmir, by posting pictures of the beautiful effect of snow yesterday. The snow looks good in the pictures, as it is captured on the morning as the mild sunlight catches the lens of the camera. The weather is not forecast to get worse, but it is going to snow for a couple of more days, until the conditions are stable again.

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