Kashmir police found IED on Srinagar highway today; No damage reported

Kashmir police found IED on Srinagar highway today; No damage reported
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Security forces of Jammu and Kashmir have recovered IED bomb on Srinagar highway today. The IED bomb diffusion has not caused any damage. As per the reports, on Saturday the Srinagar police recovered and refused improvised explosive device. The traffic on the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad highway gets disrupted for a while in the morning after the security forces found IED. The search operation is still underway on the highway and near a highway in Srinagar.

The senior police officer said that CRPF troopers of 44 battalions recovered the explosive device on a highway near HMT in Srinagar. The Police officials also said that the bomb disposal squads of police, Central Reserves Police Force and Army have immediately reached the spot and removed the explosive. Also, they added that the improvised explosive device was defused by the bomb disposal squad without causing any injuries and damage. IED is improvised explosive device which constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action. These are the roadside bombs which mostly used on roads.

The improvised explosive device majorily used by the terrorist which led massive damage. They are also generally seen in asymmetric unconventional warfare by insurgent guerrillas of the commando forces in the operations. It is massively damage causing bomb which planned by the terrorist to destroy or cause damage to a particular area. The Kashmir had recovered four IEDs recently. And it second instance when Kashmir police have found IED bomb on the highway. However, the IED which recovered by the police today has not caused any damage. The police officials have still prompting search operation across the area in Srinagar. The police have confirmed that the IED bomb has successfully diffused by the CRPF team without causing any damage. Also, the police team has also rushed to the area on time.

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