Kartik Purnima celebrations in Bihar led to stampede which killed four and injured more than ten pilgrims. The stamped on the ghat took place in Bihar on the bank of Ganga river in Begusarai district. As per the reports, there are three women who were deceased in the Stampede. Several numbers of pilgrims visited Ganga rivers banks to celebrate Kartik Purnima festival. As on this festival, it is believed that devotees have to take bath early in the morning on the nearest Ganga ghats. However, in Bihar, Kartik Purnima festival following the stamped at the major bathing spot Simran ghat.

On the eve of Kartik Purnima, thousands of devotees gathered at the Simaran Ghat in Bihar’s Begusarai district to take the holy dip in Ganga river. As per the reports of the police officials, today the heavy gathering at the ghat has caused the stampede. And it was caused by some rumours. After the stamped Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar expressed griefs over the incident. And also announced a compensation of Rs 4 lakh to those who were deceased in the stampede.

As per the reports, the police is trying to clear the incident and also investigating the ascertain cause behind the stampede. The authorities take the injured to the hospital quickly. The rescue operation at the ghat is going on.

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