Karnataka Transport Strike in Bengaluru hits auto, cab services

Karnataka Transport Strike in Bengaluru hits auto, cab services

Karnataka Transportation strike is going on across the country on August 7 against the (Amendment) Bill of Motor Vehicle Act-1988 in the Lok Sabha. It will also include the All Odisha Transport Workers Federation. Federation President Janardhan Pati has told that if the amendment was brought to the bill then the driver would be affected with the car owners. Only insurance companies will get the benefit. In its counter-notification, millions of auto, taxi, bus, truck and tanker driver and owners have decided to join the strike. This strike is going on the joint call of India Road Transport Federation, CIT, HMS, AITUC, INTUC, LPAP. The Federation has alleged that through the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 (Amendment) Bill, the Central Government has handed the transport craft to the corporates and foreign companies completely. Once the bill is near, the state transport body will end.

Karnataka Transport Strike Live Updates

11:00 AM IST- Cargo-carrying vehicles in Karnataka have stopped plying today.

10:30 AM IST-  State Roadways’ buses in Haryana too getting a day’s rest

10:00 AM IST- RTO offices and MVI offices will be closed Only the car companies and repair garages, parts shop and driving schools will be opened. Autorickshaw and taxi will be removed and the web companies will run the car.

9:30 AM IST- The Left has called for an all-India transport strike over its 10-point demand which includes price hike of bus tickets.


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