Karnataka elections verdict 2018: Tampered EVM’s getting blamed for the results

Karnataka elections verdict 2018: Tampered EVM’s getting blamed for the results

BJP party has shown its influence over the public in Karnataka elections 2018, as the party takes a huge lead on the opposition Congress party and it seems that it is ready to dominate a large chunk of the country. However, even as the trends are showing up for the elections, there has been a rising concern over the viability of the EVM machines which are used for the voting in the country, and the concern over hacking. There has always been skepticism over the management of the machines, but its usually at the time when a party takes the lead that comments begin to show up about hacking and tampering.

Electronic Voting Machines were implemented in India in 1999. The machine consists of two units,  control unit and balloting unit. The Ballot unit consists of the labels, as buttons that signify the parties contesting the elections, and whichever the individual prefers, he or she has to push that button. The control unit shows the no. of votes that have been registered.

Now, as BJP ascends to the position of power, there is already a lot of flurry of agitation on Twitter, with comments pouring in from people who suspect that the EVM’s have been tampered with. There had been some reports on the day of voting, that the EVM at the Hebbal Constituency, was either faulty or tampered with, as even as people pushed any button, the vote wen to BJP. There is a need for a scapegoat when a party loses election, and EVM tampering has been the go-to excuse for the losing party, which has, obviously led people to joke on twitter, if Congress party is going to blame the machines or Rahul Gandhi for their loss.

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