Karnataka elections 2018: Yeddyurappa to become the next Chief Minister of Karnataka

Karnataka elections 2018: Yeddyurappa to become the next Chief Minister of Karnataka

BJP has almost conquered Karnataka too, as the verdict pours for the elections 2018, it seems that party is slowly going to overwhelm the whole country with its domination. Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi competed on the campaign trail for the favor of the public, with comments that proved controversial with every speech they gave. But, it seems that the hold of Modi is still strong, as the elections have proved. But, the curious thing about the campaign has been that the Chief Minister candidate of the party, Yeddyurappa, was hardly visible anywhere as the news headlines were saturated with the comments of Modi and his promises.

This party has acknowledged his absence and said that it was a strategic move on their part, since they wanted the candidates to tour the entire region, and that’s why people saw less of Yeddyurappa. The strategy worked in the favor of the party, as Modi, a powerful orator, can have more powerful impact on the public. However, Yeddyurappa is still the candidate for the chief minister of Karnataka, and is going to take the oath for the second time.

This time, the victory is party because of the combined efforts of Amit Shah and Modi, who campaigned on his behalf, and it was actually wise to let them stand before the public and promote the agendas of the party clearly. The Lingayats and JDS party came in full support of Yeddyurappa, thus making his victory in the elections. Yeddyurappa himself has commented that he is grateful of Modi and Amit Shah for taking the reins of the campaign. He is scheduled to meet the Prime Minister later today.

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