Karnataka Election result 2018: Supreme court orders floor test for tomorrow

Karnataka Election result 2018: Supreme court orders floor test for tomorrow
Written by Abhishek Rana

BS Yeddyurappa, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, will now have to prove the majority tomorrow at 4 PM, as has been decided by the Supreme court. The governor of Karnataka, Vajubhai Vala had granted Yeddyurappa 15 days to prove the majority, but the situation seems to have changed, by SC’s order. BJP currently lacks eight members to make up the majority of 112 seats in the assembly. Rahul Rohatgi, Yeddyurappa’s lawyers asked the bench for a week for the test, but his request was denied. One of the judges suggested that its better the test is tommrrow so that no one gets a chance to manipulate.

Congress and JDS party had tried to stop the swearing in ceremony, but after a hearing that took place in the midnight the supreme court rejected their appeal, and Yeddyurappa was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Siddaramaiah, the former chief minister of Karnataka, deemed the decision of the governor as unconstitutional,  and said that Yeddyurappa had asked the court for a fifteen day time in which to form a majority. Yeddyurappa, has said that the party is going to prove the majority tomorrow.

A floor test is needed for a chief minister, to prove majority in the assembly when he is appointed by the governor of the state. The process to win the majority is by voting in the house, through which the Chief Minister can attest that he has the support of the members to become the leader of the state.

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