Karnataka: Congress wins floor test, proves majority

Karnataka: Congress wins floor test, proves majority

Congress won the floor test today in Karnataka Assembly, proving the majority. Their victory caused BJP MLA’s to walk out of the assembly. Yeddyuruppa had also walked out when he resigned from the position of the Chief Minister of Karnataka last week, before the trust vote, in which BJP couldn’t make up the majority. However, he has already warned the current government of unrest, if they don’t waive the farmer’s loan by Monday. He also withdrew the speaker candidate, Suresh Kumar and said that the party had wanted the election to be unanimous because they wanted to maintain the dignity of the speaker.

Yeddyuruppa said that he decided to not speak in the assembly because now he is going to fight the corrupt son and father duo. HD Kumaraswamy had been confident that the alliance between the JDS and Congress will let him win the floor test.

Congress had been extremely cautious about the members who were going to vote today, and kept shuffling them from hotels so that there was no threat to them. The JDS and Congress members congratulated Kumaraswanmy for winning the vote of confidence. He is the Chief Minister of Karnataka. What had begun as victory for the BJP party has turned into a bitter loss because of not being able to make a majority. Karnataka Congress wrote on their official twitter page, “Congress-JDS coalition has won the floor test in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. This is yet another victory for democracy. Satyameva Jayate.”


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