Karnataka budget, focuses on Agriculture, education of girls

Karnataka budget, focuses on Agriculture, education of girls

Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, has announced the budget amid the Cauvery dispute judgement made by the supreme court today. And while presenting the budget, he said that he’s going to study the judgement and speak to lawyers before making any official statement regarding the judgement. People can access the budget, as it is being announced, on Siddarahmaiah’s twitter profile, as it is very detailed, but for updates. Siddaramaiah wrote on twitter, In 1994, I presented my first State Budget as Fin Min. 24 years later, as I get ready to present my 13th Budget today, I look back on the journey of Karnataka with extreme pride. We have made progress in all sectors & scripted a series of national firsts.” “In the past 5 years, our Govt has taken forward the state’s legacy of growth & enterprise, while also fulfilling the needs & aspirations of all our citizens. This year too, we are committed to take this forward with the.”

The budget focuses on many aspects, from Agriculture, to education of girls, water treatment, conversation of resources. Education as a whole is also given a lot of space in the budget, and so has healthcare and wellness across the state for the people.

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