Kamala Mills fire: Jigar Sanghvi and Kripesh Sanghvi arrested by the police

Kamala Mills fire: Jigar Sanghvi and Kripesh Sanghvi arrested by the police

Jigar Sanghvi and Kripesh Sanghvi, who co-owned the 1Above pub, who have been on the run for over 12 days and who were wanted in relation to the 29 December Kamala Mills fire which was responsible for the death of 14 people were finally apprehended by the police. The two  were arrested at Link Road, Bandra West in Mumbai. Vishal Karia, who is a hotelier, had also been arrested by the police on Tuesday, for providing shelter to the absconding brothers. Akhilesh Mishra, who is the deputy commissioner of police in Mumbai has said that Vishal was arrested after being questioned in relation to the case. He had been picked by the NM Josi Marg Police for questioning.

Vishal has confessed of hiding the two brother at his residence. Another person who is wanted by the police, Abhijeet Mankar,is still fleeing the authorities.

Vishal had advised the two brothers to seek help from a prominent Lawyer, who could better handle their situation. They were crossing the road in Badra, when the Police, which had been positioned their, spotted them, gave chase and apprehended the brothers. The police has also stated that the two could have valid information about the location of Mankar.

Kamala Mills Fire had claimed 14 lives, and was reportedly started at the pub owned by the brothers. On January 6, the owner of Mojo Bristo was arrested by the police, on the charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. The Kamala Mills Fire had been in news for quite a while, as it had ravaged the property and had take lives. The place is very cloistered and it is difficult for people to run or escape together when anything happens, because the lanes are very narrow and the place is quite like maze. Many people from Mumbai, including Jaya Bachchan, had expressed sadness over the incident.

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