Kalashtami 2018, Masik Ashtami, to pray to Kala Bhairava

Kalashtami 2018, Masik Ashtami, to pray to Kala Bhairava

Kalabhairav Jayanti (Kalashtami) which can also be referred to as Kala Ashtami, is observed every month of the year, on the day of Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha. It is auspicious for people who are devoted to Lord Bhairav and to worship him, they keep a fast and pray for his blessings and kindness. Bhairava is an avatar of supreme Lord Shiva, and is the symbol of death and destruction. Hindus pray to him to bless them with a life that is without the constraints of misery and dissatisfaction, and praise him for his supremacy over the mortal beings.

Masik Kalashtami is particularly observed by the public in North India, and is also known as Bhairav Ashtami. The devotees read, and listen to the tale of Kala Asthami, and pray to him in temples. Those who fast for the day, also feed the black dogs in their regions, because they’re considered the vahan of Kala or ride of Kala Bhairava.

Masik Kalashtami Puja Vidhi

It is common to pray to the deity in the evening, by chanting his name and observing silence to praise him. It is also known that people should refrain from telling lies about themselves, their lives or friends/relatives and cheating because Bhairava is against the sin of lying to him. Kalashtami falls on different days of months across the year. It is going to be celebrated on August 4th, Saturday.

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