Justice Loya’s death: two petitions to investigate the case

Justice Loya’s death: two petitions to investigate the case
Written by Abhishek Rana

Justice Loya’s death in mysterious circumstances had become one of the most debated issues of the previous year, and it looks like the case has bled into the year as well. The Supreme Court has now termed the case, a “serious issue”. The judge was hearing the Soharabuddin Sheikh encounter case, and had demanded a response from the government of Maharashtra, in relation to the pleas that were seeking to have an independent probe in it. Justice Loya, who was 48 years old, had died in 2014 while attending a wedding in Nagpur. There has been some suspicion that Loya’s death was not natural, and his family has alleged now that he was offered a bribe of 100 crores before his death.

The controversies didn’t calm down after Loya’s death, and the suspicion of outside influence only grew when his replacement ruled out a trial and let Amit Shah go. The case has been a contention of doubt, as Loya’s family allege that he was taken to the hospital without any respectable supervision and died because of neglect, while Justice Gavai has said that he was sent to the hospital along with a court official and a judge who hailed from Mumbai.

Justice Loya was over looking the judgement on the Soharbuddin Sheikh encounter case, in which, according to the CBI, Amit Shah had been responsible for the murder of Soharbuddin, along with his wife and a friend, who had been an eye witness of Sheikh’s killing.

Judge Loya’s death has been oft discussed topic on the social media, as people demand a proper inquiry in the case and a balanced justice.

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