Judge Loya death case: Supreme court dismisses PIL seeking CBI probe

Judge Loya death case: Supreme court dismisses PIL seeking CBI probe

The Supreme Court today dismissed all the petitions that were seeking Central Bureau of Investigation’s interference in the Death of Justice Loya. It stated that such PIL’s were scandalous and could be considered criminal contempt since the court can’t doubt the statements presented by the lawyers who were present with Loya when he died. However, Senior advocate Prashant Bhushan, who had been among the ones to file the petition, alleging that there was some foul play involved in the case. He cited decision as unfortunate.  Judge Loya had died after suffering from a heart attack, while he was attending the wedding of his collegue’s daughter.

But, even as the media frenzy surrounding the case has grown wilder and there have been allegations that the death was not a natural one but a planned one. Judge Loya’s son held a press conference earlier this year and asked the media to not bring up his father’s case again and urged not to politicize or publicized it, since the family believes that he died of natural causes. His comments were again taken out of context and there was controversy relating to the reports that he was coerced into letting go of the investigation. Justice Chelameswar including other 3 supreme court judges raised objecttion while addressing media on assignment of Justice Loya’s case to a junior bench circumventing hierarchy.

Several trails of alleged suspicious events raised eye brows of many, including of opposition, social activists and several judge. Primary instigative reason was the alleged fake encounter case of Sohrabuddin Sheikh headed by Justice Loya, in which Amit Shah. Alleged encounter took place in Gujarat in 2005 in which current BJP supremo, Amit Shah, was allegedly involved. This had caused various sections of the public and media to speculate Shah’s hand in planning Loya’s demise.

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