JNUSU Polls 2018: It’s All Red as Left Unity Sweeps All Four Seats

JNUSU Polls 2018: It’s All Red as Left Unity Sweeps All Four Seats
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The results of the student wings elections at the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi has been declared today. N Sai Balaji (Left alliance) supported candidate has been appointed as the next JNUSU President for 2018-19 Session as he got the highest votes. While in presidential Post, Sarika (Left Alliance) won by a huge margin. In Secretary and Joint Secretary Post, LEFT Parties wins both the seats. BJP Student Union, Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad were at the Second place as their Presidential Candidate Lalit Pandey got 800 Votes in JNUSU Elections 2018.

Left Unity swept the JNUSU polls on Sunday, 16 September, with N Sai Balaji elected as the President, Sarika Chaudhary as the Vice President, Aejaz Ahmed Rather as the General Secretary and Amutha Jayadeep as the Joint Secretary. Previously on 15 September, the counting was halted after members of the ABVP allegedly attacked members of the Election Committee and attempted to snatch away sealed ballot boxes and ballot papers from within the vote counting centre, the Committee members said.

The final numbers as reported are:

N Sai Balaji (Left Unity): 2161
Lalit Pandey (ABVP): 982

Vice President
Sarika Chaudhary(Left Unity): 2592
Gita Baruah (ABVP)- 1012

General Secretary
Aejaz Ahmed Rather (Left Unity): 2423
Ganesh Gurjar (ABVP): 1223

Joint Secretary
Amutha Jayadeep (Left Unity): 2047
Venkat Choubey (ABVP): 1290

Occupying the four posts are N Sai Balaji as President, Sarika Chaudhary as Vice President, Aejaz Ahmed Rather as General Secretary and Amutha Jayadeep as Joint Secretary.

Results After Counting 4481/5185 Votes

RJD: 479
ABVP : 875
Left Unity: 1948
BAPSA: 635
NSUI: 367

Vice President
ABVP: 918
NSUI: 428
BAPSA: 594
Left Unity: 2326

General Secretary
Left Unity: 2207
ABVP: 1128
NSUI: 314
BAPSA: 745

Jt Sec
Left Unity:1839
BAPSA: 661
NSUI: 744
ABVP: 1118

Results After Counting 3931/5185 Votes

ABVP- 741
Left- 1616

ABVP- 770
Left- 1900

ABVP- 973
Left- 1835

Jt Sec
ABVP- 943
Left- 1552

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