JNUSU Election LIVE Updates; Left Unity Sweeps JNU Student Polls, Wins All Four Seats

JNUSU Election LIVE Updates; Left Unity Sweeps JNU Student Polls, Wins All Four Seats
Written by Abhishek Lohia

JNUSU Election Results 2018 LIVE Updates: As per the latest update, Left alliance candidate N Sai Balaji is ahead of ABVP in the presidential run with 1,457 votes, while the latter has only 663 votes. Till now, 3,587 votes have been counted out of the more than 5,000 votes polled. So far, the Left alliance (SFI-AISA-AISF-DSF) is leading on all central panel posts. With counting of votes still underway in the JNUSU polls, as per the latest update, the Left alliance is still leading on the presidential post with 1,350 votes, while ABVP is trailing with 605 votes. As per the latest vote count tally, the Left alliance’s N Sai Balaji is currently leading in the president’s post with 1,193 votes followed by ABVP’s Lalit Pandey (561 votes), BAPSA’s Thallapelli Praveen (391 votes), RJD’s Jayant Kumar (318 votes) and NSUI’s Vikas Yadav (222 votes).

JNUSU Election Result 2018 Live Updates

12:00 PM IST- Left alliance leading in all four central panel posts

The Left Alliance is leading in all the four central panel posts – president, vice president, secretary and joint secretary

11:59 AM IST- Latest tally for General Secretary’s post: Left maintains lead

  • Aejaj (Left alliance) – 1666 votes
  • Ganesh (ABVP) – 789 votes
  • Mohammed Mufizul (NSUI) – 230 votes
  • Vishambhar Nath (BAPSA) – 566 votes

11:57 AM IST- Latest tally for Joint Secretary’s post

  • Amutha (Left alliance)- 1,489 votes
  • Kanaklata Yadav (BAPSA) – 472 votes
  • Nureng Reena (NSUI) – 548 votes
  • Venkat Chaubey (ABVP) – 848 votes

Results After Counting 3931/5185 Votes

ABVP- 741
Left- 1616

ABVP- 770
Left- 1900

ABVP- 973
Left- 1835

Jt Sec
ABVP- 943
Left- 1552

11:46 AM IST- Over 5,000 students cast their votes in the JNUSU election on Friday.

11: 45 AM IST- Latest tally for President’s post: Left union maintains a steady lead

11:42 AM IST- Jayant Kumar (RJD) -389 votes
Lalit Pandey (ABVP) – 663 votes
N Sai Balaji (Left alliance) – 1,467 votes
Thallapalli Praveen (BAPSA) – 483 votes
Vikas Yadav (NSUI) – 281 votes

11:40 AM IST- Latest vote count for Vice President’s post: Left ahead with 1,807 votes

Geeta Sri (ABVP) – 693 votes
liji (NSUI) – 366 votes
Purnachandra (BAPSA) – 455 votes
Sarika (Left Alliance) – 1,807 votes

11:35 AM IST- The Left Unity is ahead in the vice presidential race too with their candidate Sarika leading with 2000 votes. Geeta Sri of ABVP is second in the race with 769 votes. BAPSA’s Purna Chandra and NSUI’s Iiji are following with 414 and 342 votes, respectively.

11:30 AM IST- Till now, 3,587 votes have been counted out of the more than 5,000 votes polled. So far, the Left Alliance (SFI-AISA-AISF-DSF) is leading on all central panel posts.

10:30 AM IST- All India Students Association, leader, Sandeep Saurav claimed that around 10-15 students, who belonged to the Left Alliance, got injured in the violence on Saturday and Friday. They were taken to nearby hospitals of JNU campus.

10:00 AM IST- Till now, 2,206 votes have been counted. ABVP’s presidential candidate has bagged 502 votes and the Left Union”s presidential candidate N Sai Balaji is leading with 891 votes.

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