Jharkhand: All six members of a family commit suicide because of pressure of debt

Jharkhand: All six members of a family commit suicide because of pressure of debt

A family of six committed suicide in Hazaribagh in Jharkhand today. two females, two male members and two children.The members of the family include: 70-year-old Mahavir Maheswari, his wife, aged 65-year-old Kiran Maheshwari,  son 40-year-old Naresh Agrawal, his wife 38-year-old Priti Agrawal, and their two kids – 8-year-old Aman and 6-year-old Anjali. Five members of the family committed suicide by hanging themselves, while one remaining person jumped from the roof of the house. A suicide note has been discovered in the house, which mentions the reason for the suicide was because the family was in a lot debt, it also states that since all six people couldn’t be hanged, one had to jump from their death.

The shocking incident is eerily similar to the mass family suicide in Burari, Delhi, in which 11 members of a family committed suicide. But, the circumstances of that family were very different since the Chundawat family members were in the influence of the delusions of son Lalit, who was interested in supernatural forces and had began to act like he was possessed by the spirit of the family patriarch.

The police have reached the spot for further investigation, and the reports suggest that there had been some tensions within the Maheshwari family. They owned a dry fruit shop.

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