Jharkhand Bandh, security strengthen as protests begin against amendment of Land Acquisition Act 2013

Jharkhand Bandh, security strengthen as protests begin against amendment of Land Acquisition Act 2013
Written by Abhishek Rana

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha opposition party has organized a bandh today, as an act to protest the amends made in the Land Acquisition Act, 2013,  and implemented by the  Raghubar Das government. The state forces have strengthened security around the sensitive regions, with five thousand forces around the protesters to keep them from instigating violence against property and other people. CCTV cameras have also been tacked in different locations, to watch over the activities of the crowd as it continues its protest down the roads of the state. But, it seems that the protesters haven’t come in unison for the Bandh, as the first visuals from the regions show a comparatively tame crowd.

But, action by force is going to be taken against anyone who tries to violate the peaceful protests and turn them violent. Home Secretary SKG Rahate, has said that people should continue their daily work, and there is no reason to worry since appropriate security measures have been taken to control the situation.

The protests are supported by Congress, RJD and JVM (Prajatantrik) of former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi. The bill, which was passed in Jharkhand Assembly in August 2017, has yet to get the approval of President Ram Nath Kovind. The situation was relatively tame for the day and there were no reports of violence from the sites where the protests had taken place. People did come out in the streets and chanted the usual slogans, but even as there was no extreme actions, 500 people were still detained by the forces for opposing on the streets. Some took to the roads with burning flags, and were more aggressive in their protests. Markets in all the areas, from Ranchi to Khunti were closed because of the fear of vandalism by the goons who wreck havoc on the name of peaceful protests.



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