Jayant Sinha defends himself for honoring Lynching criminals

Jayant Sinha defends himself for honoring Lynching criminals

Union Minister Jayant Sinha has been criticized after he honored men who have been accused of lynching a meat trader, in relation to protection of Cows. However, he has now defended his action in a series of tweets, while the social media has erupted in unified attack at incident.  The lynching occurred on June 30, Alimuddin Ansari was pulled out of his car by force, by a mob of angry men, and then beaten to death. The assault was caused because the people believed he was carrying beef. The seven people who were accused, were let go from prison. They were received by Sinha at his home, and few days later, photographs begin to circulate about his alleged honoring of the criminals.

Jayant has written on twitter, “I unequivocally condemn all acts of violence and reject any type of vigilantism. The rule of law is supreme in our constitutional democracy. Any unlawful acts, particularly those that violate the rights of any citizen, should be punished with the full force of the law.”

“In the Ramgarh case, the Hon’ble Ranchi High Court, which is the first court of appeal, has suspended the sentence of the accused and released them on bail while admitting their case. The case will once again be re-heard.”

“I have full faith in our judicial system and the rule of law. Unfortunately, irresponsible statements are being made about my actions when all that I am doing is honoring the due process of law. Those that are innocent will be spared and the guilty will be appropriately punished.”

“I have repeatedly expressed my misgivings about the Fast-Track Court judgement sentencing each accused to life imprisonment. I am pleased that the Hon’ble High Court will hear the matter as a statutory court of appeal to test the correctness of the Fast-Track Court order.”



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