Jayalalithaa’s hospital video releases by disqualified MLA and Dinakaran’s supporters

Jayalalithaa’s hospital video releases by disqualified MLA and Dinakaran’s supporters
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Today, the TTV Dinakaran camp has released the video of the Former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa. The video of Tamil Nadu’s former Chief Minister released just a day before R.K. Nagar by-elections. In the video, J. Jayalalithaa has been seen in the night dress and watching TV along with holding a glass of Juice in hand. On Wednesday, morning the video of the former CM Jayalalithaa was released by Dinakaran’s supporters and the disqualified MLA P Vetrivel at the Secretariat. After the release, the video has floated over the Social media sites.

However, the death of the former Tamil Nadu CM J.Jayaylalitha has embarked a lot of controversies among the party and the party leader. After her death, the AIADMK party got divided into two groups. Also, MLA Vetrivel said that party had faced a lot of controversies on the death of Jayalalithaa. And he said we have no other option but to release the video. He added further, “we will not leave anyone who maligns our leader.” As per the reports, the video of Jayalalithaa was recorded by AIADMK leader V K Sasikala on September 22, 2016. The former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa was admitted to Apollo hospital in September 2016.

The supporter of Dinakaran, MLA P Vetrivel have cleared that footage has nothing to do with RK Nagar bypoll. He said I got the footage from V.K. Sasikala and she wanted me not to release it. He said, but, I am releasing it as my moral sense tells me to do so. However, the video released by the Dinakaram supporters and MLA Vetrivel is footage of that time when Jayalalithaa was visiting the hospital on the regular basis for the checkup. In the video, Jayalalithaa has seen sitting on the Hospital bed with BP monitor attached and sipping a glass of juice while watching Television.

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