Jaya TV premises raided by Taxmen for alleged Tax Evasion

Jaya TV premises raided by Taxmen for alleged Tax Evasion

Chennai: Earlier this morning, Jaya TV Headquarters were raided by Taxmen, who were looking for documents and files that could be related to Taxes, since there have been doubts about Tax Evasion from some sources. The raids have been on-going at different locations, mainly related to or owned by, VK Sasikala, the sidelined AIADMK leader, who is in jail for corruption. A senior official, speaking about the sudden actions has said, “The IT raids against 10 groups (including Jaya TV) are on at 187 locations in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi.” At least a dozen Officials began the process of raid at 6 am, at the office. Vivek Jayaraman, who is SasiKala’s nephew has been heading the company for some month as was reportedly also raided at his resident.

A number of allegations have been made against the Channel, including, and not limited to shell companies, fudging of accounts, fund flow, tax evasion etc.

Jaya TV, in recent months, has been criticizing the Tamil Government, and has been support for Sasikala even as she has been proven to have been implicated with Corruption. It also manages a large group of channels that encompass daily entertainment, News, and even a movie channel. This new development should be enough for people to doubt the scruples of the company.


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