Jawarhal Lal Nehru university student reported missing, reported to police

Jawarhal Lal Nehru university student reported missing, reported to police
Written by Abhishek Rana

A student from the Jawahar Lal Nehru University, who is currently perusing Integrated M Phil and PHD course, has been reported missing. Her mother has already filed a FIR, and investigation is underway to find her whereabouts. According to her mother, who has also written a letter to the police, the daughter had been living in Hostel of the college. Her last interaction with her daughter was on March 10 when she had talked about having food with her friends, going outside and would be returning to her room later that night. But, according to the mother, the daughter’s phone had been switched off.

The police has stated that they’re trying to locate the girl, they have gotten some clues about her but there hasn;t been any development as to where she might have gone to. The girl is untraceable since her mobile is switched off, and she has not contacted anyone since she went missing.

The mother of the girl is extremely concerned about her, and the authorities are trying their best to find any information that could lead them to her.  People have been asked to remain alert and inform the police if they find anything relation to the girl that could help the police.

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