Jammu and Kashmir, Rajnath Singh tells two women battalions to be organized

Jammu and Kashmir, Rajnath Singh tells two women battalions to be organized
Written by Abhishek Rana

Home Minister Rajnath Singh was on a two day visit in Jammu and Kashmir, to survey the security for the Amarnath Yatra. The annual pilgrimage is facing the danger of attack from the terrorists, and the government is trying to keep all the pilgrims safe, without scaring them away from the holy place.And  today he addressed the media at a press conference in Jammu. He agreed that Pakistan has been indulging in heavy shelling against India, and that he was aware of the situation at the border. 9 battalions will be dispatched to strengthen the security. Two of these nine battalions will be sent to the more sensitive areas along the border. He also said that two women battalions are also going to be organized, for the purpose of anti-Pakistan operation, and will be for Jammu and Kashmir parts. 2000 women are going to be employed because of the battalions.

Cross Border Firing & Ceasefire Violations have also be changed, and now, the next of kin of the deceased is going to  get 5 lakhs and there are no longer any conditions attached to the offer. He was also asked about the shocking revelation today, about the Maoist groups planning a assassination against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the manner similar to what happened with Rajeev Gandhi. He said that the government authorities are concerned about such threats being made against the BJP party leader, and even though there have been many threats, the security has been able to prevent and reduce them.

He also revealed that the government is going to give 5.5 lakhs to the West Pakistan Refugees who have made their homes in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He was also asked about the bunkers and told that 14,460 are going to be constructed for the safety of the people.


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