Jammu and Kashmir, Bandipora, 4 terrorists killed in encounter

Jammu and Kashmir, Bandipora, 4 terrorists killed in encounter

Four terrorists were killed today in an encounter in the Panar Forest in Bandipora, Jammu and Kashmir. After ending the ceasefire, the forces have resumed their operations in the areas infested with terrorists, and carrying out the fight with the elements since June 9 2018. The gunfight between the terrorists and team of seven units  of the Indian Army’s Rashtriya Rifles, three Para Commandos and a team of the Indian Air Force in the Panar forest area ensued in the region, and continued even as the reports of the demise of the elements were being released by the official sources.

The assault between the forces and the terrorists began in the Raynar forest, when the two had a gunfight, on June 9, and has been going on since the day, as the forces continue to push the terrorists away, and kill in response of the violence that is being acted out on them.

The reports suggest that terrorists have infiltrated the forest region, and come down from the Gurez sector. Till now, Four terrorists have been killed, and more casualties are to be expected as the encounter reaches its next stage of assault. Rajnath Singh had announced tomorrow that the government has decided to end the Ramzan ceasefire after contemplating the reports and data from a month of no force activity in Jammu and Kashmir. The terrorist activity in the region rose to a 100% even as the forces had retreated to let the Muslim community pray in the Holy month. But, Rajnath reasoned that even as the security forces stuck to their orders, and only carried out operations when it was absolutely necessary to stop the violence, the terrorists kept on attacking them, which only resulted in the deaths of civilians, and army personnel, so it has been ordered to continue operations in the valley to curb the violence.

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