Jammu and Kashmir, Akhnoor, Pakistan launches cross border firing, Two BSF soldiers martyred

Jammu and Kashmir, Akhnoor, Pakistan launches cross border firing, Two BSF soldiers martyred

Two BSF Soldiers were killed in unprovoked firing by Pakistan in Akhnoor district of Jammu and Kashmir.  Only recently, Military Operations or DGMOs of India and Pakistan had agreed to adhere to the ceasefire pact of 2013. The assault of firing began from the  International Border or IB in the Pragwal area that is situated in the Akhnoor district of Jammu and Kashmir. The two soldiers had been charged with the security of the forward post, when the firing occurred and they were shot. They were taken to the hospital, but succumbed to their injuries while they were treated.

A BSF officer told the PTI that the firing was in violation to the ceasefire agreement, and the BSF had to retaliate back to the sources. The DGMO’s of India and Pakistan had previously, on May 29 agreed to properly adhere to the 2003 pact to end the ceasefire, to discourage the conflict in the border of Jammu and Kashmir.

Lt Gen Anil Chauhan and Pakistan’s Maj Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza had the conversation, after which it was decided by both armies to end the firing from their sides. They both had issued similar statements to the effect, which put in motion the 15 year old pact. Mehbooba Mufti, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir talked to the reporters about the incident and called it unfortunate. She said that the assault was in violation of the ceasefire pact that had been signed only a few days ago, and has caused deaths of two soldiers. She called out for another round of DGMO talks between the countries to resolve the situation because this bloodshed should stop. People from both countries are dying. The assault has also caused much outrage on the social media, as people are asking for a way in which actions should be taken against Pakistan for violating the ceasefire pact.

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