Jallianwala Bagh massacre 99th anniversary, a shocking incident that shocked the world

Jallianwala Bagh massacre 99th anniversary, a shocking incident that shocked the world
Written by Abhishek Rana

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, one of the most horrifying incidents in the history of Indian nation took place on April 13 1919, when the British Indian army troops, who had the orders from the  Colonel Reginald Dyer, opened fire on the crowd that had gathered in the park. They Sikh community were celebrating Baisakhi festival, but did’t have the knowledge that martial law had been imposed in the place, which had banned any kind of gatherings. The troops entered from the entry gate, and then also blocked the exit gate, and because the park had only two way through which people could get out, since it was surrounded by high walls, meant that they were all unable to leave.

The casualties during the assault are varied, from some sources that say its closer to 400 to others that refer 1000 people were killed as the troops opened fire while they were trying to flee.

This brutal assault caused shock waves across the nation, as people tried to rebel against the incident and the fact that Dyer’s actions’ were being celebrated by some people from the British empire. He was lauded for this cowardly act, but slowly lost his favor, as they were opposed by the House of Commons in Britian. The Jallianwala Bagh incident also led to the reevaluation of the tactics that should be deployed by the army in cause of such situations. The massacre was a reason that the non-cooperation movement that began in 1922, and had a very important role to play in the dissolution of the British Raj. The memories of the massacre are still very strong, and shocking, with the tales of women jumping into the well to save themselves from being shot and suffocating, to people trying to take cover and failing. But, it is also a day to remember that the atrocities of the British empire will never be forgotten, and that it will always be a shameful memory for the Britishers.



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