ISRO loses contact with GSAT-6A, attempts being made to reestablish contact

ISRO loses contact with GSAT-6A, attempts being made to reestablish contact
Written by Abhishek Rana

ISRO lost contact with GSAT-6A after only two days of its launch. ISRO confirmed the reports and stated that efforts were underway to re-establish contact with the satellite. According to ISRO the connection broke when the Satellite was going to  “normal operating configuration for the third and final firing” from the LAM, Liquid Apogee meter engine. The further statement said, “The second orbit raising operation of GSAT-6A satellite has been successfully carried out by LAM Engine firing for about 53 minutes on March 31, 2018 in the morning. After successful long duration firings, when satellite was on course to normal operating configuration for third and final firing, scheduled for April 1, 2018, communication from the satellite was lost. Efforts underway to establish link with satellite.”

GSAT-6A is going to serve the purpose of improving mobile communications and especially around remote areas where it is difficult to hold out strong connections. The sattlite has a 10 year mission life. It is also going to provide multi beam facility, which is being touted as a major benefit for the armed forces, who have to sometimes communicate through remote areas.

ISRO is planning to launch 10 missions in the next nine months. This recent incident will be a major setback for the organization, and hopefully, it will be mended and the communication will be held again properly.


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