Iran President Hassan Rouhani in India, talks about the peaceful co-existence of people

Iran President Hassan Rouhani in India, talks about the peaceful co-existence of people

Iran President, Hassan Rouhani has visited India for a three day tour, which he commenced with Hyderabad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked Rouhani to visit India, in relation to discuss, “the latest regional and global developments”.  But, before the Bilateral discussions begin, Rouhani has come to Hyderabad, to visit the Salar Jung Museum, Golconda Fort and the Qutb Shahi Tomb. He was also scheduled to address students in various events in the city, and gave a speech to the Muslim intellectuals and scholars. He is also going to speak at the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad today.

India and Iran have been collaborates for a long time, most prominently in Chabahar port in southeastern Iran that had its inauguration in December last year. Hassan’s visit is surely going to strengthen their ties with each other, and make some pacts each other for the mutual benefit for both countries.

There will also be discussions about the progessof the Chabahar port, as Iran has felt that it has slowed down because of pressures from other countries and the situation world-wide. In  his speech, Hassan commended India for its peaceful environment that said that it could make it possible for the Shia and Sunnis communities to exist with each other, without any sort of large conflict. Hassan’s visit is surely going to make the two countries’ relations even more comfortable with each other, and which is going to be benificial for the development for them and the citizens.

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