InsideOut competition aims to educate broader society about the experience of being LGBTQ in India

InsideOut competition aims to educate broader society about the experience of being LGBTQ in India

In a press release submission on November 7, it is been announced that the famous hotel chain, Lalit Hotel in Delhi is all set for promoting of InsideOut competition which will exhibit India’s LGBTQ+ artist to an international audience. The LALIT in partnership with Sydney Gay & lesbian Mardi Grass festival will provide opportunity to show case the art work at an exhibition in Sydney. There will a week long exhibition at the LALIT gallery in New Delhi from November 18th till 24th.  The final list of finalist will get a grand opportunity to show work at an exhibition in Sydney during ydney Gay & lesbian Mardi Grass festival in February 15th till March 1st. The art work will hung at National Arts School as part Mardi Gras Festival in 2019. This exhibition organised by InsideOut, in association with the Naz Foundation, a registered Charity working in HIV, AIDS and LGBTQ human rights.

InsideOut is a volunteer LGBTQ+ Organisation of Indian and expert professionals and diplomats based in India, New Delhi. This organisation supporting health, human rights and the arts through different cultural exchange programmers. 

The competition aim is to educate broader society about the experiences of being LGBTQ in India and to expose the selected artists to a wide audience through galleries, buyers, sponsors and agents. During the cultural festival of Mardi Gras, the performers will gather in giant street parade followed by crowd of hundreds of thousands from Australia and overseas visitors at art exhibition. This show will be perfect gift to celebrate demise of section 377 and encouraging careers of the artists.

The theme for 2018 is “Refracted Lives.” Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from one transparent substance to another. Just as light is refracted, so too the lives of LGBTQ+ people bend to the rules of society and the expectations of family and friends. This competition will be turning point for LGBTQ artist in India leading to growth and development in lives and career.

The eligibility period is considered by artist who been resident in India for the 12 months period of August, 31,2017 to September 1,2018. Anyone who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer are encourage to make entries at

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