Indigo and GoAir 11 A-320 Neos planes with faulty PW engines grounded

Indigo and GoAir 11 A-320 Neos planes with faulty PW engines grounded

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation have demanded immediate grounding of all 11 Airbus A-320 New engine option (Neo) aircraft that are equipped with a faulty kind of Pratt & Whitney (PW) engines. IndiGo has eight of such kind of planes, while GoAir has three such planes. Both of the airlines have been asked to not use these same engines in their planes, even if they have them on spare. Some hours ago, an IndiGo flight had to return to the Ahmadabad airport after the engine failed, but all 186 passengers were safe. On February 9, he European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), released an airworthiness directive  A-320 Neos fitted with PW1100 engines because there had been some instances of aborted flights or situations in which the planes had to go back to the airport because of the disturbances that had been caused because of the faulty engines in them.

Three A-320s of IndiGo planes had already been grounded because of being equipped with the faulty engines. According to an official from DGCA, “11 other A-320 Neos aircraft (eight in IndiGo fleet and three in Go Air fleet),” he said, “were allowed to operate as they were fitted with one affected engine having ESN 450 and beyond.”

Few from the A-320 Neos in IndiGo and GoAir have these engines, but the others that have been equipped with a different engine from the series can continue to fly because no faults have been discovered in them yet.

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