Indigo airlines staff brutally assaults 53 year old passenger, whistle blower employee sacked

Indigo airlines staff brutally assaults 53 year old passenger, whistle blower employee sacked

In a shocking incident, Indigo airline staff assaulted a 53 year old passenger while he was traveling from Delhi to Chennai on flight 6E 487. Monty Kalra, who was part of ground staff reportedly tried to intervene and shot a video while the assault was happening. Once Indigo airline realized about the video leak in public purview, instead of taking action on errant employee, famous domestic airline sacked Monty Kalra. It seems, Rajiv Kalra did not filed a formal complaint, on October 15th, which was the date of the incident.

For, Monty Kalra being a model citizen and bringing mis-happening in public glare brought himself a punishment instead of a reward.In an interview to TimesNow, Monty revealed that his wife is expecting and it seems he is in dire need of a stable professional career. In solidarity people started trolling Indigo airlines for sacking the wrong employee. Perhaps their are much more twitter trolling tweets supporting Monty Kalra and overshadowing the assault on Rajiv Kalra.

Civil Aviation Minister condemned the incident through his twitter account. According to him culprit was terminated. But its unclear till now, who and how many. In video it can be clearly seen of assault being carried out by 2-3 ground personnel. Any information of Monty Kalra getting reinstated and staff behind his suspension, is awaited.

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