Indian Railways to revise its Flexi fare schemes for Premium Trains

Indian Railways to revise its Flexi fare schemes for Premium Trains

A relief update may come soon for travelers who likes to travel through the train. Indian Railways will make changes to the flexi scheme from next month to provide relief to its passengers. At present, for some premium trains, passengers have to pay an equivalent amount of air travel. Let us tell you that there has been a continuous debate in the Railways over the past several years over whether the Flexi Fair should be abolished or not. According to the railways, during the less crowded, some trains marked as experimental can temporarily stop the Flexi Fair scheme because tickets were less than 30 percent of the seats booked during this period. Not only this, the Railways is also considering revising another option plan which is used in other trains.

Under this scheme, 50 percent of the seats could be booked, more than 15 percent of the actual value, and after that, there is a change in prices at every 10 percent. Now, instead of selling 10 percent of the seats, the sale of 20 percent of the seats may increase the fare.

The flexi fare rental system was first implemented in 2016 and for this reason, the Railways had earned about Rs. 862 crores during the last financial year. The capital, centenary and distance trains come under the flexi fair.

Earlier on August 21, Indian railways had ruled out the idea of rolling back the flexi-fare scheme on reserved tickets of its premium trains. The flexi-fare scheme in the premium trains is going to stay, a senior Railway Ministry official told to requesting anonymity. He said that the flexi-fare scheme is available only for 168 trains out of 12,500 trains (mail or express). Hence, it makes only 1.5 per cent of the total trains, the official said. He also refuted reports pointing out that due to the flexi-fare scheme, seats remained vacant in many premium trains.

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