Indian Government raises speed-limit on National Highways and Expressways

Indian Government raises speed-limit on National Highways and Expressways
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The government of India has raised the speed limits on India’s Highways and Expressways. As per the new speed limits, cars can now be driven at 100kph on national highways and 120kph on expressways. The speed limit for two-wheelers and commercial vehicles has also been revised to 80kph on highways. In effect, the maximum speeds for expressways and highways have all been increased by 20kph. Taxis are now restricted to 100kph, up from the previous 80kph, on expressways and 90kph on highways, up by 10kph. In the city, taxis will be subject to the same speed limits as other cars, which stands at 70kph. Two wheelers in the city can now legally operate at 60kph, up from the previous limit of 40kph.

While these are all maximum speed limits and are only accessible at specific sections of the expressways and highways, other speed limits enforced on the twistier sections of roads like the Mumbai-Pune Expressway have to be observed.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced in a notification, that total 25 percent hike in highways and a 20 percent hike in expressways speed limits across the country.

Using its powers in the Motor Vehicle Act (1959), the MoRTH has changed the permitted speed limit for passenger vehicles in the M1 category (including passenger carriers having not more than eight seats) furnishing on all national highways to 100kph. The earlier limit was 80kph. On the other hand, it has also boosted the cap on expressway speed limit for these vehicles which largely include passenger cars and UVs, to 120kph, from the 100kph prevalent earlier.

New Highway Speed Limit

New Highway Speed Limit

While the speed limit for commercial vehicles has been brought up to a consistent 80kph for both expressways, as well as highways, commercial people vechiels (M2 and M3 categories) will now see the maximum speed limit being capped at 90kph for highways and that of 100kph on expressways. Two-wheelers, however, will be allowed to only go until a maximum of 80kph on either of such corridors offering fast movement of traffic.

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