India ranking at Global Hunger Index 2018: Ranks 103rd out of 119 countries

India ranking at Global Hunger Index 2018: Ranks 103rd out of 119 countries

In the list of countries ending hunger, India has gone back and forth. The Global Hunger Index (GHI) of 2018 has been announced and according to this, India is at the 103rd place in the list of 119 countries. India was ranked 100th last year. The point of note is that under the Narendra Modi government, India is constantly lagging in the Global Hunger Index. In this case India was 55th in the year 2014. In India, with a huge decline in 2015, India reached 80th place. After that, in the year 2016, it was 97th and in 2017, it reached 100th rank.

Global Hunger Index 

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) estimates global, regional, and national level hunger. It is calculated every year about the progress and problems of fighting hunger. GHI has been designed to provide awareness and awareness of struggle against hunger, to provide a way to compare the level of hunger between countries and to draw the attention of people to the place where there is heavy starvation.

In the Global Hunger Index, it is seen that the population of the country is not getting enough food. That is how many people in the country are victims of malnutrition. It also shows how many children under 5 years of age and weight are less than their age. In addition, the calculation of child mortality rate is also included.

India at Global Hunger Index 2018

India’s poor performance continues in the Global Hunger Index. India’s situation is worse than neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. China is far ahead of India in this matter. China is ranked 25th. Bangladesh 86th, Nepal 72nd, Sri Lanka 67th, and Myanmar 68th place. Pakistan is behind India. He has got the 106th position.

According to the GHI report, the condition of hunger in India is very serious. According to the ‘2018 Multidimensional Global Poverty Index’ of the United Nations Development Program, between the years 2005-06 to 2015-16, in a decade, 27 million people have come out of the poverty line in India. However, the recent report of the Global Hunger Index has raised questions on these claims.

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