India invites Pakistan Minister for WTO talks in Delhi

India invites Pakistan Minister for WTO talks in Delhi

India has invited Pakistan’s Commerce Minister, Pervaiz Malik,  for WTO talks in Delhi on March 19-20. This is a dramatic shift in the diplomatic conversation between the two countries, as Malik has reportedly confirmed his presence for the meeting. This isn’t the first time that India has extended a hand of negotiation to the neighboring country, as in  late-December secret back-channel negotiations had taken place  between the two national security advisers, Ajit Doval and Nasser Janjua. The confirmation for a meeting could be borne from the fear of Pakistan for being isolated, as threatened by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) previous week.

India and other south Asian countries had refused to participate in the SAARC summit that is going to take place in Pakistan, which had led many to believe that it could get cancelled. Other, more important diplomatic decision that had been agreed upon by the by the two nations is that they’ll release the more vulnerable prisoners from the either country, like women, children and people who are mentally and physically unstable, because it is very difficult to sustain in the conditions of the prisons and with their cases taking, they just stay their and die.

This recent negotiation between the two countries could make way for a more concerned take on the relationship, and the increasing violence on the LOC’s which has caused so many deaths of the soldiers’ from the both sides.

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