India GST Tax Rate is higher than the other countries

India GST Tax Rate is higher than the other countries
Written by Pallavi Parmar

India rolled out with new tax structure from 1 July 2017 and the reform that most of the citizen still failed to understand. India GST tax rate is higher than that of other countries. The Central Government has decided to fix the tax rates for 1,211 items keeping a majority of goods in the slab of 18%. GST the Goods and Services tax has been promoted with the tagline of One Nation One tax in all over India. It came into enforcement to promote the uniform tax policy across the Nation. There are nearly 60% of goods which fall under the 18% and 28% tax bracket to ensure that the revenue earned by both the state and the central government remains intact. While grains, wheat and milk products are tax-free and the items like shampoos, deodorants and the chocolates are charged with 28% tax. India has the highest tax rate of all the countries that have implemented GST.

However, France was the first country to introduce GST or the uniform tax regime across the nation. After then 140 countries came up with the reform of uniform tax where some of the countries followed the dual-GST model like Brazil and Canada. And India followed the footstep of Canada and introduce the Dual GST structure where both the Centre and the State have the powers to collect taxes. The GST had an impact on the lives of businessman and the wholesalers and there have been many strikes noticed against the GST across the nation. Many people are protesting against the regime of GST one of the example is the strike of cinema halls in Tamil Nadu as today there are no films will be screened at the theatres across Tamil Nadu because the owners are protesting and came up with a strike against goods and services reform.

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