India China Doklam Standoff: Chinese 15-page fact sheet claimed troop reduction by India

India China Doklam Standoff: Chinese 15-page fact sheet claimed troop reduction by India
Written by Pallavi Parmar

It has been around 50 days into the India China border stand off at Doklam. And the China released a 15-page statement where Chinese embassy in Delhi claimed that authorities noticed India counterparts about the road construction at Doklam. On Wednesday Chinese embassy published a 15-page document on facts on the Doklam Standoff. And that 15-page statement questioned India’s stand in the ongoing border standoff in Doklam near the tri junction area and demanding unconditional withdrawal.

China claimed troop reduction by India at the east of Sikkim site. According to them, it has come down from over 400 to around 40 while the Indian government sources said that there has been no change in the number and it maintained as 350. Doklam issue started from the June 2017 when the Chinese army attempted to extend a road from leading to the south of the Doklam plateau. It is a narrow plateau that lying in the tri-junction region of Bhutan, China and India and situated 15 kilometres southeast of the Nathu La pass border that separates India and China. And according to the Bhutan government, China attempted to extend a road previously that terminated at Doka La towards the Bhutan Army camp. While according to the new friendship treaty signed between India and Bhutan states that it is mandatory for Bhutan to take India’s guidance on foreign policy. And Bhutan does not require to obtain India’s permission over arms imports.

As per that treaty on 18th June Indian troops crossed into the territory in an attempt to prevent the road construction. And India accused of criticising China for the crossing the border and attempting to construct a road while China criticised India for entering its territory. So, a 15-page document that released by the Chinese government calling India a third party in the border standoff and accused India of using Bhutan for interfering and impeding the boundary talks between China and Bhutan.

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