Gurjit Kaur best shot brought India to the semifinals of the women’s Asia Cup hockey tournament today. India beat Kazakhstan with marvelous scores of 7-1. Gurjit powerful strike could not be stopped by Kazakhstan goalkeeper Guzal Bakhavaddin resulting team India to win. Team India had a set back when Vera Domashneva scored goal in the second minute giving Kazakhstan a lead. Deep gave India a 2-1 lead with brilliant performance in the sixteen minute of the match.

The team played fiercely and brought their every action into brilliant opportunity by winning semi-finals of the women’s Asia Cup hockey. Navneet Kaur outstanding serving got the team back to back goals. She gave the lead by 4-1 in the twenty two and twenty seven minutes at the end of second quarter. After the halftime the team India looked more enthusiastic and played more stronger on the pitch. In the third quarter team covered by winning a penalty corner which was well saved by the Kazakhstan goalkeeper.

Team stayed on the right game plan and played very tactical. The semi-finals of the women’s Asia Cup hockey tournament took place in Japan. The smart attacks by Team blue created good pressure on the opponent and as a result won the semi-finals.

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