Independence Day Speech 2017 : Kashmir resolution through Love not bullets – PM Modi

Independence Day Speech 2017 : Kashmir resolution through Love not bullets – PM Modi
Written by Karu Cheema

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day Speech said, he is commited fighting problems in Kashmir with Love and not Bullets nor brickbats which will solve the dragging issue. Modi made a compassionate plea asking Kashmir militants to shun violence and join mainstream and be a part of democratic legacy. He emphasized apart from the state government , everyone in India is committed to develop Jammu and Kashmir and towards realization of dreams of the common citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. Modi hailed Kashmir as paradise on Earth and the country wants to restore the glory of Kashmir.

He took a jibe at the separatists and said their are allegations and counter-allegations, with lot of recrimination,everyone abuses the other. Taking a jibe at “a handful of separatists”, the Prime Minister said they were adopting new tactics to keep the pot boiling and problem festering. Asserting that there would be no let up in India’s fight against terrorism, the Prime Minister called upon militants to shun the gun and join the mainstream.

PM modi cited examples of Maoist rebels who had surrendered. He was happy that “due to the efforts of our security forces, youths in large numbers in Left-Wing Extremism areas had surrendered and returned to democratic realm.

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