incom tax website crashes

Today is the last date to link your aadhar card with pan number, resulting in massive number of users opening income tax website. Income Tax website crashed yesterday due to heavy traffic for few minutee. Many users have reported the website of not opening or the page timing out on frequent intervals. We also tested opening the income tax url but to avail , it did not open.

Question arises whether the date will be extended to link aadhar card number due to degraded performance of the website. Still there is a way out, Users can also opt for SMS facility which is quite easy and simple.

Steps to link Aadhar card number with Pan Card Number with SMS

  1. Open SMS app on your phone

Where UIDNOS and PANCARDNOS is your aadhar card number and pan card number

3. Send it to 56768 number

After the SMS you will receive a confirmation message if the request was processed successfully. Some of the users have also reported of not able to receive OTP due to heavy load.