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Holi best food items and the necessity of the items in the festival

Holi best food items and the necessity of the items in the festival
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Holi is a festival of colors and everyone plays it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Colors are the not only a thing that one needs during holi. Food items add a major to the celebration of holi. There are a lot of different varieties of food stuff that is required for the celebration of holi. When one talks about the holi celebration, the first thing that comes to the mind of person is sweets gujiyas and many more things. This time of the year is very much perfect to the one that celebrates the festival season with different food items.

Gujiyas are the star sweet of holi festival. Gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of maida or flour and it is filled with a delightful Khoya and dry fruits mixture. Baked Gujiya, Chocolate Gujiya and Coconut Gujiya are the main types of Gujiya. Malpuas are the traditional sweet of people of North India and the main types of Malpuas are Paneer Malpua and the Ragi Malpua. These are usually the stuffing of different items that are adding to this.

Bhaang is a very popular items that is made during this festival. Bhaang ki pakori and bhaang ki chuteny. Bhaang is a toxicating drink that is prepared during the festival of Holi. Bhaang is an auspicious drink that is offered to Lord Shiva. Thandai is a holi staple. It is a fennel-fragrant concoction that has a natural cooling effect on the body and mind. Gol Gappe is also eaten during the festival of holi. Dal Kachori is also made during the festival. It is served normally during the celebration. Masala Chaana with baked Kachori is a must food item that is served during the festival celebration. Almond ice-creams are also served during the festival. These are some of the items that are mandatory for the celebration of holi.

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